Hi there!! here are some special question for Bryan. :D
since u love writing, reading and poetry, may i know who is your fav writer. What genre of books you like. :D if u happened to have your own poe

PRIME responded on 09/27/2011


I have many favorite writers. I won't/can't name the fiction writers I like because I don't really stick to one particular writer long enough. Although, I do fancy many poets that I continuously come back to, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson, and Allen Ginsberg are some of my favorites. I do have a bunch of my own poems and you'd be able to notice my influences relatively clearly in conjunction with my own style. I enjoy writing a lot. Recently, I've begun to dabble with fiction ideas in alternate reality/science fiction writing. I also have begun a creative thoughts "journal" that I carry around with me everywhere, so that song ideas, or any artistic ideas, will not escape me and vanish into the dark chasm of time!

Bryan C

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