Hi, everyone! :)
How long have you been making music? Can you play anything other than your dominant instrument? Any philosophy or wisdom on music and music-making in general?
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PRIME responded on 09/19/2011

Paul: I've been making my own music for 5 years now. Aside from singing, I can play the piano. My advice is to find your own voice and be yourself. It's cliche but it's very true.
Gisel: I can sing decently. I can play the melody for "Jingle Bells" on the guitar & basic beats on drums. Advise- if you feel it sounds right and can make your crowd feel what you feel-then you've created a beautiful original song that makes it YOU.
Andrew: I started on trumpet, which I can still play fairly well. I am well-versed on the guitar (electric, acoustic, classical) basic piano & drums. I can play ukelele, mandolin and double bass (upright bass). Advise- Practice everyday and listen to different styles of music.
Jason: I can play the guitar, bass, and piano, but I wouldn't say that I can play any of them nearly as well as the drums. Advise- it all comes down to what kind of music you're making. Either way your goal is to engage your target audience.

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