How did the band start? Did you guys know each other in high school or in college? (:

PRIME responded on 09/14/2011


The band started as a solo project. I wrote and recorded the songs. The band started to form by 2010 as I met Bryan (Guitarist) then later Gisel (Pianist). Later that year, we were looking for a bassist and a drummer through our website and by word of mouth - that's when we met Jason (Drummer). By December of last year, Andrew (Bassist) joined the team completing the band's line up.

In actuality, as a whole, the band has only been together for about 9-10 months. Since then, we've been very fortunate to experience a steady fast paced progress. We couldn't be happier.

'Til this day, we talk about the little time we've known each other. Due to the pressure that happens behind the scenes, we've developed a strong bond. It honestly feels like we've known each other since our teens.

I can't picture a different line up. They've become my brothers and sister. I truly love them all.


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