Have you ever felt like your music career is going nowhere fast and thought about giving up completely on it? If so, what did you do to get through it?

PRIME responded on 08/30/2011

Personally, I've been tested many times. I believe that the core of my doubts were listening to criticisms that were not helpful & constantly seeking everyone's approval.

It's inevitable, people will always have a picture of what they envision a perfect artist should be, & I was determined to fit that mold. After failing miserably trying to be perfect, I realized that their vision is something I could never attain. One thing I could control were my emotions, so I chose to be happy & pursue my dream.

My definition of success is to be able to perform, write, & share my music to everyone. To attain this, I must focus on that alone, avoid distractions, & to always do my best.

Naturally, criticisms exist. But I've come to a point not to take it personally.

I'm still learning everyday. From time to time, my insecurities affect me - I'm not bullet proof lol. But I do my best to overcome it. Thank you so much for this question! It reminded me of my purpose. :-)


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