dear members of Dexter's Kin,
i really love your flow of musics the first time i heard it. i was wondering what do you expect to happen to your band 5 years from now? :)

PRIME responded on 07/30/2011

Paul - I would like the band to rule the world :-)
Bryan - I think in 5 yrs we will have a few songs that got us serious recognition and 1 or 2 that were somewhere of note on the billboard top 100. We will have a serious fan base. I think the great thing about this question is the fact that, for this band, anything can happen in 5 years.
Gisel - 5 yrs from now, I hope we've toured, signed, and playing new songs at concerts in another country.
Andrew - In 5 yrs, I hope that Dexter's Kin has gained national if not worldwide recognition as a great original alternative-rock band. I also hope that we are still functioning with the same 5 people and touring/releasing new material.
Jason - As generic as it sounds, 5 yrs from now I just see us playing music for a living. At that point we should have a couple albums under our belt and have already toured the entire country and some of the world. I see us staying on the edge of what popular music is.

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